Our Latest Project – “A Calm Heart Effect” by Lola C. Booker

Lola Booker Book cover for facebookYebbie T. Productions is on the brink of completing a very special project for a dear friend.  Lola C. Booker will soon publish her first book of poetry and prayers with book Design by Yebbie T. Productions. Lola is a prolific writer, having written hundreds of poems and prayers over a span of years. Her poems are earthy with emotions exposed and they hit at the heart of relationships with friends and family. She is a skilled wordsmith, weaving her wit and wisdom through the verses which evoke an emotional response that is delightful and satisfying to the reader. I know you will be as blessed by reading her writings as we were by participating with her in creating this lovely book which will soon be available on Amazon.com.  Congratulations to Lola!  We wish you much success with your new book!  Yebbie T. and Fish O’Toole


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