Update on Lola C. Booker, Author

We are so excited for our friend and fellow author, Lola C. Booker.  She has successfully published her first book of poetry and prayers with Yebbie T. Productions as the Book Designer.  We were especially pleased with the results.  We are currently collaborating with her on her second book which should be ready for publication in a few months.

Lola has begun marketing her book.  As you know, publishing is only the first step in the process.  Marketing follows publication and is very important to the success of a book. Lola’s book is featured this month in “Black Pearl Magazine” and she has been interviewed by Ella Curry on the Black Author Network Radio show.  She has appeared locally on Channel 47 on the “Day Break” program, also.

Lola will have a Book Signing and Book Talk at the Talladega Armstrong-Osborne Library on September 26, 2017, at noon.  She will also have a Book Signing at LMo’s on the Square in Talladega on Friday, October 6, 2017, in the evening.  Look for her article in the “Daily Home” prior to the event.

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, Lola is planning to attending a book signing event at the Earle A. Rainwater Memorial Library in Childersburg, Alabama, along with member of the Central Alabama Writers’ Guild and Alliance.  This should be a fun event for the entire family.  There will be a wide variety of authors there from poets to children’s authors as well as fiction writers.


Our Latest Project – “A Calm Heart Effect” by Lola C. Booker

Lola Booker Book cover for facebookYebbie T. Productions is on the brink of completing a very special project for a dear friend.  Lola C. Booker will soon publish her first book of poetry and prayers with book Design by Yebbie T. Productions. Lola is a prolific writer, having written hundreds of poems and prayers over a span of years. Her poems are earthy with emotions exposed and they hit at the heart of relationships with friends and family. She is a skilled wordsmith, weaving her wit and wisdom through the verses which evoke an emotional response that is delightful and satisfying to the reader. I know you will be as blessed by reading her writings as we were by participating with her in creating this lovely book which will soon be available on Amazon.com.  Congratulations to Lola!  We wish you much success with your new book!  Yebbie T. and Fish O’Toole

Our Two Year Anniversary Video


Our Two Year Anniversary Video

We just created a video as a look back at the last two years.  We published our first children’s book two years ago and we have had so much joy with the creation process that we wanted to share our journey in video format!  We continue to publish children’s books, illustrate for other authors and design books.  We hope to be able to continue this creative process for years to come.  Our characters and their stories bring so much joy and laughter into our lives, and as an added bonus, we have made many, many new friends who share our love of writing and creating!  We hope you will view our video and enjoy the content!  We also hope you will check our our books that are available on amazon.com.

Our Two Year Anniversary Video

Our Book Signing at LMo&Co.

Joe Yebbie and Lauren at LMo

We had a fun time with family and friends at LMo & Company in Talladega on Friday, March 4th.  Many of our friends and family members came by to share time with us.  That really made the event special!  We  appreciate the support from LMo & Co.!  We were especially blessed to have our daughter Lauren Barber visit us from Atlanta.  Lauren is in the photo with us.  We also had the joy of having our son Robby Roberson and daughter-in-law Jani Roberson along with mom Sara Price visit with us.

Our New YouTube Video

This is the new video which we published on YouTube.  It is a video collection of samples of the illustrations from our books, “Fish O’Toole’s Adventures at Professor Prep’s Academy, Volume I and Volume II”, “Fish O’Toole’s The Nurse Kitty” as well as samples of the original artwork from the two coloring books for adults.  There are also several illustrations from the children’s books which we designed and illustrated for other authors.  I believe you will enjoy this video representation of our body of work.

We are busily working on the design and illustration of a book for a new Christian children’s author, Jeff Adams.  Jeff is a pastor and he has written a beautiful story based on his thoughts and prayers for his grandson during his first year of life.  It is a beautiful story and we are working hard to match the beauty of the story with illustrations.

We receive so many blessings in working with other authors!  Our hope is that others find joy in reading our books!

Fish O’Toole and Friends